YL Residence No.17. The largest and most distinguished beachside villa in Thailand, is now
available for exclusive hire.

Set on 12.5 acres of frangipani landscaped gardens with a 450-meter beachfront and situated at
Natien beach on the Southern coast of Koh Samui with a virtually private beach. This extraordinary
property is able to accommodate parties of up to 20 guests.

Designed by esteemed architect Martin Palleros and described by Elle Décor magazine as ” A
place to truly experience a piece of heaven”.

The aesthetic is clean, minimalist with a nod to Southern Thai design. The furnishings have all
been specially created by Antonio “Budji” Layug, which are both elegant and emphasise the use of
sustainable, renewable resources that has made “Budji” a pioneer in eco furniture and design.
The result is a harmonious balance between ethnic grace, cosmopolitan elegance and simplicity.

Spacious elegant communal areas compliment the ten individual dwellings with a
22 meter inky black pool on the beachfront. The pool house, club house, games room, main
house, restaurant and cocktail bar all provide the perfect environment in which to relax or indeed

With a full time staff of 25, YL Residence’s team include villa hosts, European chef, two Thai chefs,
bartender, 24 hour concierge, butlers, masseuses, housekeepers, chauffeurs and 24 hour security
all resplendent in uniforms designed by Richard James of Savile Row.

As only one group can stay at YL Residence at any time, all attention is focused on that group with
everything tailor made around their desires and requests.

It is in effect a private hotel but a hotel where the guests are not restricted by normal hotel
The advantages are of staying at YL over even the most opulent hotel are quite simple and afford
guests the freedom to do what they want, when they want.
This philosophy covers every aspect of their stay.

The aim is to preempt as much information as possible before the guests arrive and a check list is
offered prior to arrival. Small details make a difference and the option to select even small matters
such as the type of flowers and aroma therapy scents that are preferred, choice of magazines and
daily newspapers, contents of mini bar, dietary requirements and other facets that will make
staying a more pleasurable affair.

There will never be a case of being disturbed by other guests, their children, piped music that irks,
menus that don’t appeal or pool side battles for sun chairs as the only other guests will be your
friends or family.

This attention to detail combined with the exclusivity and service has already made YL Residence
a favourite with celebrities, jet setters and captains of industry as it offers a real escape from the
outside world, with a level of privacy that no hotel can match.

YL Residence is the perfect location for larger events and has become a preferred destination for
launches, weddings, corporate events and parties of all descriptions.

At YL one can really indulge in life’s pleasures with complete discretion, freedom and five star

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